As the application of PV systems continues to expand, the importance of protection components becomes increasingly evident…

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At the AMPER 2024 exhibition (Czech Republic), leading energy solutions provider Beny has showcased its latest industrial and commercial energy storage systems and DC power transmission and distribution solutions for medium to large-scale photovoltaic (PV) power stations. This innovative series of solutions aligns with the current trends in energy storage and photovoltaics, reaffirming Beny’s leadership position in the renewable energy industry.

Beny took the opportunity to present its latest commercial energy storage systems. Its ‘All-In-One’ design integrates multiple components, simplifying the system structure. Meanwhile, the prefabricated cabin design offers flexible and convenient deployment and the advanced fire protection system and intelligent temperature control systems (air or liquid cooling) ensure efficient system operation. The energy management system continuously monitors the system’s status, accurately identifies safety hazards, and mitigates severe incidents.

The system also encompasses features such as peak shaving, emergency backup power, grid balancing, and multi-level parallel operation, making it suitable for various applications, including PV power stations. Beny’s commercial energy storage solutions aim to help businesses enhance energy utilization efficiency, optimize power consumption, and reduce dependence on power grids.

Beny has also presented advanced DC power transmission and distribution solutions tailored for medium to large-scale PV power stations. To address potential issues under different conditions, Beny offers high-end products such as combiner boxes, DC circuit breakers, surge protectors etc.

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