Kusam-Meco” AC & AC+DC TRMS Digital Power Clamp-On Multimeter With Patented Amptip Model – Km 099

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KUSAM-MECO’ has introduced a new ‘UL’ listed AC & AC+DC. POWER CLAMP METER MODEL KM 099. It has high safety Transient Protection of 8KV; CAT III 1000V AC & DC and CAT IV 600V AC & DC. It has Overload Protection 1000V RMS for all functions (via terminals). It meets UL specification. The Jaw Opening is 51mm. The DC voltage range is 60.00 & 999.9 V. The AC+DC Voltage range is 0-999.9V. Total distortion factor ACV, DC + ACV- 2% to 100%;  Individual Harmonics order of ACV or DC+ACV – H01-H-10, H10-H25;  AmpTip Clamp on DC A 0-40A; AmpTip clamp on ACA -0-40A; AmpTip clamp on AC+DCA-0-40A; The AmpTip provides for accurate low current measurements. Resistance 0-6.000KΩ; Regular Clamp  on DCA -999.9A; Regular Clamp on AC+DCA – 0-999.9A; Regular Clamp on ACA – 0-999.9A; THD of Regular Clamp on ACA or DC+ACA- 2% to 600%; DF % of Regular Clamp on AC or DC+ACA 2% to 100%. Individual Harmonics Order of regular clamp on ACA or DC + ACA- H01-H-25. It can measure Capacitance 10.0µF to 999.9µF. It also has function of Diode & Continuity test. It can measure Temperature -40°C-400°C (K-Type Thermocouple) It measures Single –phase & 3-phase Balanced Load Power. Range 10W-999.9KW; Apparent power 10-99.9 KVA; Reactive power 010-999.9 KVAR; Power Factor  0.00-1.00; AC+DC Power(VA)-10-999.9KVA; DC Current Range 10-999A; Hz Line level Frequency; 40-70Hz , Non-Contact EF Detection 10V- 1000V. It Operate on 2×1.5V AA Batteries. It weighs about 400gm and is supplied with Test Lead, Thermocouple, Manual, Carrying Case.

More information: Email : [email protected];
Website: www.kusamelectrical.com

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