OMICRON introduces PARADIMO 100

Ultra-high-frequency partial discharge monitoring solution for GIS and GIL...

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PARADIMO 100 – Solution for partial discharge monitoring on Gas-Insulation Switchgear and Gas-Insulated Lines

OMICRON’s PARADIMO 100 is a smart edge computing device for the continuous monitoring and trending of partial discharge (PD) activity in Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas-Insulated Lines (GIL). It automatically detects and classifies insulation defects and issues alerts based on the defect classification for reliable risk assessment.

PARADIMO 100 simultaneously monitors PD activity in different ultra-high frequency ranges using wideband and medium-band filters for optimal signal-to-noise ratios in noisy environments. The web user interface allows easy access for configuring measurement and alert settings and viewing real-time PD data and recorded trends.

Several PARADIMO 100 devices can be connected via a fiber optical network converter to a PC or tablet computer using a web browser for remote network access. Multiple monitoring points facilitate trending, defect detection, and classification for reliable risk assessment for a larger area in the GIS or GIL.

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Why is PD monitoring essential in GIS and GIL?

PD activity in GIS and GIL is a leading indicator that a fault will occur in the insulation, and immediate action is needed to prevent a catastrophic failure. PD can be caused by particles floating in the gas insulation or loose or broken components, such as a piece of metal shaving that gets too close to a conductor.

Since PD accelerates the aging and deterioration of insulation, the continuous online monitoring, trending, and diagnostics of PD activity play a critical role in assessing insulation condition and the risk of failure in GIS and GIL throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

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