How to Write a Motivational Book based on his Own Research

How to Write a Motivational Book

For people who love to write words of motivation in social media, I think is suitable if you have the intention to write a book motivation.

While still young, I have such a desire. Only, in my opinion, to write this type of book is it is not easy. Say is there are a lot of things that need to be considered to write the genre of this book.

However, despite my desire has not yet been achieved, at least I never was the one to make the design. In fact, the script is already there anyway. But, less confident to be published.

Therefore, we’ve been working on the script of motivation, then, on this occasion, I want to share about how to write a motivational book.

A general idea about what it is motivational books

As short as my understanding, motivation book is a kind of book that its contents only collection of motivational course. Well it’s “motivation” is poured in the form of a story, narrative, or may be based on the personal experience of the author.

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It seems easy to write things that are nuanced encourage other people, especially if we’re the type of person that is positive vibes. But, indeed, make this book a bit difficult because it is necessary to remember that, the type of this book is not the result of mere imagination, layakanya to write fiction.

Whether many readers of the book motivation?

If asked like that, several times I have expressed in this blog that, every genre of the book has a space each reader.

Similarly, the genre of the book motivation, for sure “the market” there. Surely the readers there. As long as the promotion good book, and you as the author have a strong branding in the social media, it is definitely a book wreath you would later find readers themselves.

How to write a book motivation

To strengthen the branding in the social media as a writer who likes to spread the motivation

Before writing this article, I nge-first stalking some guys who actively write this type of book. In social media, they are consistent strengthen the branding with the way ngepost positive things.

Almost three days, they share words of motivation to kepsyen that also smelled of motivation. In fact, there are every day doing it.

What is the result?

Followers their Instagram a lot. Fanspage them in Facebook and more followers. A lot of new friends as well, and so forth.

All the people who follow him on social media, it is equal to the target buyers of the book if he later published a book.

Well, it means, I’ve no need to explain again that the importance of strengthening personal branding in social media for authors book motivation.

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Create the outline of the book

Exactly the same with writing novels, motivational books should also be designed first. Make outline-his first to facilitate the implementation of the manuscript. Especially if you’re the type of person who is super busy. Outline mean how important it is to be made.

What need is there in the outline?

That there should be in the outline of the book of motivation is not about making characters, the storyline, and others. But, bikinlah the first chapter, want to discuss what. The second chapter, want to discuss what. And so on and so on. Love the title also in each chapter.

And indeed, a picture book of motivation the most.

Combine between the narrative, the story of his own life, and quotes-motivational quotes

So the contents of the book are not impressed boring the reader, try to combine between narrative, story of life and love motivational quotes.

Illustrated narrative with just a few sheets, and the story of your life bikin also as realistic as possible, and quote motivation must be through his own ideas. Do not take or plucks quotes which already exist on the Internet/social media.

Why there should be quotes? With the quote, it is intended to later posted on Instagram. Most motivational author, doing this.

Do research about the groaning of life of people on social media

Important for the author of the book the motivation to do research. Also, make observations in social media-related complaints and other people’s lives. Whether it’s the problem of the identity of the young child, quarter life crisis, and much more.

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Kulik all the problems that hit a young child, or kulik also the problem of life itself, and love of the solution to meredakkan all the problems.

To conduct research, start first with the social media, and chat with many people, and there are still many other ways to perform a variety of research.

Expand to read motivational books

This is her main source in making a motivational book. None other is to buy and read books that are relevant to what we write. The same, not only books motivational course, when there novelist wanted to write a book a thriller, yes its main source is read a book a thriller.

So, often to the bookstore to buy a lot of book themed motivation. Do it this step.

That’s it. That’s a glimpse on how to write a motivational book. Happy writing!

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