Book Collection of Poems and How to Publish them

Book Collection of Poems and How to Publish them

Let’s shift the discussion of this blog not only leads to the writing of novels, but discussing poetry is also necessary. Because, I realize that not all writers are focused on writing novels or short stories. There are also some people who like to write or make poetry.

The book collection of poems that I will discuss on this occasion is more about the way of making and also how to publish it.

Perhaps readers who enter this blog want to know how to write and also publish a book of poetry. And since I personally once helped someone to publish a book of poetry, so today’s material is fairly easy for me to write.

For those of you who like to make poems, please observe this guide carefully. I will not complicate the content of this article with a complicated explanation, but Inshaa Allah will be easy for you to understand.

Well, here is the explanation.

How to make a book collection of poems

Maybe I don’t need to explain what poetry is about. Tell me, as short as I understand it, the poem is kind of a short piece of writing. It consists of only a few stanzas. However, the author’s expression on each of his books is quite profound.

There are many poetry writers in Indonesia. For Example, Joko Pinubro. Take a look at Joko Pinurbo’s work, it must be really deep.

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One of the difficulties of writing poetry is when the reader must understand what the author is saying. Therefore, poetry is synonymous with the understanding and feelings of the author himself. The task of the reader of the poem, as a rule, is only to interpret it. Thus, the interpretation of the reader is diverse.

However, these difficulties are of unique value. That is, the reader seems to be welcome to interpret the writing with various thoughts.

1. Diligent reading of poetry books

Try, when you want to make a book of poetry, is diligent reading first. Obviously, read poems by other people.

You first understand the writing technique with beautiful diction. Diction-diction that is not yet understood by the reader. By showing off the diction that many people do not know, it will add a plus for you.

Do not be afraid of not being understood by the reader. Because, one of the peculiarities of writing poetry, it is like that plot.

Read a book of poems by Jokpin. Go ahead. That’s amazing. Or read a book by Sapardi. Spend a little money to find references to good writings.

2. Understand the writing technique

As with making a novel or other written work, understanding writing techniques is very important. So, not just writing.

Per chapter it is given an interesting title. A title that makes readers curious. Thus, there is a feeling rising in the reader to continue to want to finish your book.

Sometimes, too, in the book of poems like there are unique quotes. Although, this paper is not like a book collection of quotes. Then, you just have to understand the technique first.

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Well, to understand it, is to learn. Either learn self-taught, learn to others who are already experts in the field of poetry, and then ask for correction or ask for advice.

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3. Explore your own feelings when you start writing

Deepen the feeling of sadness, disappointment, happiness, fun, or confusion, and pour in the verses of your poem.

So, to avoid the bad stigma of poetry writers who are often considered upset, it’s good that happiness also needs to be developed further. So, writing a poem is not because we are sad, being happy is written.

Make some kind of analogies to other things or creatures. This will interest the reader of the poem.

4. Write just as it is, especially for beginners

Writing poetry takes a lot of practice. Be consistent every day. And feel all the things you write so that the connection can be.

A beginner tends to start a career in poetry, it will not be as good as they (Professional poetry writers) who have been poor in this world. They can also look good because they practice writing every day. And also balanced by reading.

Well, to overcome insecurtty when writing poetry, you should write your poetry, just as it is first. The important thing is that there is a strong desire first. Whether it’s good or not, it’ll look good!

So, from now on, please make at least one sheet a day. Your writing will be good in the eyes of the reader.

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How to publish a book of poems

If, for example, you have written a manuscript of a poem, then want to publish it, how the hell is the process?

Well, take it easy, since this blog has been working for a long time, and also many readers who invite cooperation, you can contact me for me to direct your manuscript to be published.

Unfortunately, you must have a capital, at least 500K. With that capital, I will polish your manuscript as best I can. Starting from editting, layout, ISBN, and book cover.

That’s the first way. At the same time a quick way to get your manuscript published well.

The second way, please send your work to a major publisher. Damn it, the competition is high. And you have to wait long enough about the rejection and acceptance of the manuscript. But, if you are confident that you will publish your manuscript, it is worth trying anyway.

All the ways that I recommend, there are advantages and disadvantages. However, I would rather recommend you to the first way only. By working with me, I will guarantee everything is smooth.

Well, that’s all about the poetry book. Hopefully, your plan to publish a poetry manuscript goes as it should.

That’s it.

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