Learn To Fabricate His Own Book As In The Movie Mary Shelley (2017)

The Movie Mary Shelley

A few days ago I watched the movie Mary Shelley. And I learned to fabricate his own book as in the film Mary Shelley. This is one of the dozens of films with the theme of authorship, the epic movie, that I managed to watch.

Again, after watching the film, titled the world of the author, I conclude that the life of the writer and the poet is unique, at once alarming, actually.


Through this paper, I want to share about the process of making up books a la Mary Shelley. Because, I think, the process Mary wrote the book more interesting to be shared than have to explain the contents of the whole of this film.

First, there have been many media another review of this film.

Here below are the reasons why the work of Mary Shelley who was given the title Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus can be given the label as a book the original the best in his time.

And then, why do we (people who love to write) must learn to fabricate their own books like Mary.

5 lessons I take from the film Mary Shelley

Every day Mary practice writing, and he never missed reading the book

To be a writer reliably as Mary, then do two things simultaneously in different time; exercise writing and reading books.

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Mary often come to the grave of her mother to write in there. The atmosphere of a graveyard success make the writings of Mary to be nice.

Mary also every day helps keep the book store belonged to his father. Here it’s clear, Mary’s life surrounded by books. Plus, she has a parent who is also a hobby of writing.

In fact, the father and his late mother’s profession as a writer who was greatly admired by other writers. Although, the life of Mary and her family are all-sufficient.

The point is, in the first point, I’m sure all writers will agree that, practicing writing and reading a book is able to make posts to be readable.

That was done by Mary. And this is what we need to apply every day.

Do not hesitate authored a book with the genre that is not common

Need I say that the book Frankenstein is book that contains about how to revive the dead. Frankenstein in this picture like a monster.

Well that’s a book authored by Mary. At the time of the author-the author of the other in 1818 write a scientific book that is heavy-weight, instead he wrote a book of the genre horror. The Genre of the book which say it is very hated by his own father.

The lessons that we can take is, don’t ever hesitate when you have a plan to fabricate a book with a genre that is not common.

Instead, if you think I am and probably according to the publisher, the genre of the book like it was actually interesting.

Use the feeling when writing

Writing a fiction book should not only rely on the imagination of course, but the author should pour all the feelings in his writings.

If it says Mary’s father, William Godwin, fiction books it’s good to emphasize the sound-sound. That is, inevitably, fiction writers kudu can create a distinctive voice.

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In other hand, the book Frankenstein is discussing things that do not fit the logic of truth.

However, Mary insert his personal life filled with sadness, betrayal, and regret in the book so appreciated by readers.

You keep writing despite the limited facilities

Today many novice writers who complain to create works because writing is limited. Don’t have a laptop lah, don’t have reference books, and others.

Whereas with a piece of paper, and with a piece of paper, it could be used to write ideas and stringing a few sentences and then used the script intact.

And Mary Shelley, he was doing it.

Just imagine, 1818 still no lights. There is still no typewriter. But, really incredible with his limitations at that time, Mary is able to create works great.

So, don’t be the reason that the limited facilities ago reluctant to write. So, keep writing.

They are immune rejected the publisher

The manuscript of Frankenstein several times rejected by the publisher. Therefore, the publisher of the rate that the writings of Mary is too subjective to the size of the female authors who are still young.

That is why, the pen name of the book Frankenstein anonymous. Just mention The name of “The Author” under the title.

But, the lesson is that we need to take in this film is, although the manuscript was rejected by many publishers but if the writer struggling constantly so that the manuscript is published, then the future will be rising.

The other side of the film Mary Shelley

In the fifth paragraph, I said that this film is actually quite alarming as in the movie-themed writer or a poet, I write also through this log.

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What makes you sad?

What is the life of a professional writer is not as good as imagined. Especially for a male writer whose life gets income purely from writing.

Mary’s husband, Percy Bysshhe Shelley, have a lot of debt. She had to move home. What’s more, he lived a life with a style of bohemian life, and liberalism.

In matters of love, for example, he was free. Already have a wife and child, then abandoned. For his wife, he wants to love another man.

Overall, the film Mary Shelley’s filled with Poetic words. Of course, all the actors involved in the film this poet all.

You who like to play diction-diction when writing a novel will be amazed while watching this film.

To be honest, the plot of the film is difficult to malignant. He always gives surprises.

This is a film that I recommend to writers who are already adults. Therefore, a lot of scenes of hot and thrilling. Because this type of film is romantic too.

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